Self-leveling white floor

Self-leveling  white floor. White floor is considered one of the fashion trends in the design of the interior decoration of the interior space of the room based on white. This design move looks great not only in offices, trading floors and exhibition centers, but also living quarters, kitchen, corridor, living room, balcony, terrace, billiard room and others.

self leveling floor

White color increases the space, gives it some lightness and freshness. Adding the interior red, black or chocolate color – you can create a popular monochrome design.

And the best solution for creating such an interior will be: – Self-leveling white floor, which is a two-component epoxy material. Thanks to a perfectly flat glossy or matte surface – the self-leveling floor looks stylish and exquisite.

In addition, the self-leveling floor has certain advantages that have allowed it to win such popularity among designers and consumers:

Smooth surface, a surface without seams and joints, which is achieved due to a special method of application. Ecological and safe material. The self-leveling white floor can be used in medical institutions, schools, public places and living quarters. Easy to clean, does not accumulate dust and dirt. Moisture-proof and resistant to chemical detergents. Resistant to ultraviolet light. Even afterwards, the coating will not lose its original color.