Self-leveling floor screed in Ukraine

Our article will tell you what is a self-leveling floor screed. What moments and features should be taken into account in the process of doing this work.

Self-leveling floor screed is a quality way to quickly and permanently level the floor surface. This allows you to prepare it for further finishing. Since the drying time of a conventional cement-sand screed is 3 weeks, the self-leveling screed will be full ready for use in one week.

Self-leveling floor screed


As you know, a self-leveling floor screed requires certain knowledge of its doing, so work should be performed only with a well-prepared basis. Careful preparation of the floor base is crucial for the further reliability and durability of your coating. From the completion of this stage depends the final result and the condition of the flooring.

The base must be dry and clean – for this we remove all building debris from the floor surface, brush it with a small brush, as the broom sweeps out fine grains of sand, prevents the primer from sticking to the base. All the holes and all kinds of cracks, we puttied, so that the water from the self-leveling mixture does not flow.

Water helps the self-leveling mixture to spread better over the surface. Aligning the layer should be protected from too rapid drying under the influence of drafts, heaters and direct sunlight.

After priming the floor, we proceed to determine the highest level of the floor surface in the room. From it, we determine how we better distribute the material, where we need to fill more, and where less.

The first part of the finished solution pours out onto the floor, after which we pass through it with a special roller to remove air bubbles from the self-leveling mixture and make a solid.

Sometimes we use reinforcing mesh – to strengthen weak surfaces. But we add an additional price, because the installation of such a screed has to be done in 2 level.

The first is to glue the mesh with a solution to the surface. The second is to pour a self-leveling mixture on the floor. This work is carried out only for 2 times, since the grid will rise from the self-leveling mixture, if you fill it with only one layer.

Self-leveling floor screed in Kiev cost 50 UAH for sq.m.

It quickly dries up, therefore it is necessary to apply the next batch of the mixture no more than after 5 minutes, depending on the thickness of the layer, which can be from 2 to 30 mm. Therefore, we always work together with a partner.

Already thirty minutes after making of mixture, she will start dry up. After which it will be unusable. If you want to do themselves, it’s better not to take risks. After all, the materials for equipping the self-leveling floor screed are expensive, and the result of their incorrect use may be unsatisfactory.

Self-leveling floor screed can be successfully used in residential buildings – for the equipments on balconies, kitchens, in bathrooms, or as a rough surface under a decorative coating.

The time when it will be possible to conclude the finishing materials, as a rule, the producer himself indicates. But, nevertheless, it takes several days to wait after installation, it depends on the temperature in the room. Exposure will help to avoid unwanted complications, because haste in this matter is absolutely not needed.

After the floor leveling is completed, the self-leveling mixture can be used as traditional floor coverings (tiles, parquet, laminate, linoleum), as well as various, more modern ones, including bulk 3D floors, which we also deal with.

If you want to have the highe quality floor, please contact us and our construction team and we will make you a good floor.