Painting of walls and ceilings

Painting walls is an effective solution for changing the appearance of the room. You can easily make a good appearance of the room, even without starting other types of repairs. In addition, painting is one of the finest types of finishes. You are not only saving your money, also leave the possibility of a regular change in the interior.

And if you made a decision that to paste wallpaper in the apartment is not for you, but decided to use the service of painting walls in Kiev, then you need to remember the main thing. As we have already reported, the use of paint emphasizes all the shortcomings of the walls, so the surface must be carefully leveled before the work is done, as compared to wallpapering the walls.

Since the painting of walls, as in any other business, has its own nuances, and many options for applying paint, which improve the life of the walls and their appearance, you should entrust to the specialist of his business – the painter! And if you want to get beautiful and really good walls in your apartment, then we suggest using our services.

It seems that is a simple matter, but it was not there. And experience shows that in every work there are a lot of nuances. The main difficulty of such work in preparing the walls for the beginning of painting. Namely: the paint does not hide the defects of the wall surface: all are scratched, cracked, abrasions, bends and simply irregularities very clearly appear on the surface of the wall, especially if it receives daylight, which in turn means that the wall should be perfectly flat, without any cracks and irregularities, plus everything evenly primed.

We do all the necessary preparation, priming and puttying of walls. We are masters and specialists of our work. We perform all the stages of work from leveling the walls and before painting them, qualitatively, well within the agreed time.

In the offer of services we offer services for painting of walls, radiator, windows, doors and so on. Prepared, if necessary, clean and paint. Just see our photo galerry

Prices for services, preparation and painting of walls:

 job title Unit Price UAH
1  surface cleaning Sq. m. 10-50
2  wall priming Sq. m. 7
3  ceiling primer Sq. m. 10
4  to paint walls in two layers Sq. m. 40
5  to paint the ceiling in two layers Sq. m. 50
6  to paint the battery (radiator) with enamel Pc. 250
7  to paint of pipes with enamel Lin.m. 30
8  to paint the floor with enamel Sq. m.



You can order from us painting the walls as a separate type of service, or as part of a comprehensive renovation of the apartment – capital or cosmetic. With other rates of work you can find on our website by going to the page – the price list.