Laying tiles in apartments

Laying tiles in Kiev – this is one of the most popular types of repair services for apartments. The most popular places for tiling are bathroom areand kichen. Also the tiles are traditionally laid in the kitchen, as a decorative style, the pool is completely covered with ceramic tiles, and in the saunas, in the balcony on the floor.

Укладка плитки, laying tiles

How correctly to lay down a tile to achieve an ideal result?

The price from 210 UAH Sq. M.

Laying tiles is done for many years. so the quality of laying will depend on square meter and typ of tile. Qualitatively done by the master laying the tiles on the sketch with the preservation of all the general proportions. Today there is a large selection of tiles. Matt ceramic tiles, tiles with a pattern or decorative ornament, porcelain tiles, clinker tiles, floor tiles, mosaics, the main thing is to have taste and money.

How to install the tiles step by step?

Tiles are expensive material, and the master must take also a care of saving. That was minimal spoilage, accurate trim, save the picture or the proportion of style. All processes are carried out in stages. Each of them has some nuances:

Inspection of the object. Perhaps, every tiler wants to see where and how to lay the tile. Therefore, the departure of the master to the site, inspection, advice on the stages of work and lay his general vision for laying the tile – the first recommendation of the tiler.

Surface preparation. After inspecting the walls, it is decided to level them with cement plaster, or if the walls are already level, then they are primed with a concrete contact or a uni-impregnated primer. Concrete contact gives the wall a small roughness, which will ensure better grip.

Layout of tile laying. The correct laying of the tile begins with the correct marking. The markings on the walls are made from the ceiling to the bottom, setting the tile and marking the rows with a pencil, so that the segment comes down. After marking, the tiler passes the first row, the “undercut row” which will be laid as soon as the tile is laid on the floor, and starts tiling the tile to the top. Here, several options for laying tiles is a traditional seam in the seam, also in a runaway, or diagonally.

Laying tiles on the floor. Laying tiles on the floor starts from the center or from the entrance to the room, so that there is no pruning on the threshold. A number of ceramic tiles are laid dry along the main lines, leaving equal gaps between tiles, for equal gaps often put crosses or blades. The first row falls on the lighthouses, the lighthouses are all the same tile. All subsequent rows must be leveled to the first row, so that all tiles have the same level.

Trimming and laying of pieces. Quite rare are the surfaces where the entire wall can be filled only with whole tiles. To do this, lay out the whole tile so that the pieces are invisible, or displace the row of tiles so that you can not see the piece in the corner, distribute to the outer tiles.

Grout joints. After laying the tiles, prepare it for grouting joints: remove crosses, clean seams and wash the tile. With the help of special grouting, the seams between the tiles are rubbed. Now in the stores you can find a grout of any color.

Whom to order for tiling?

A good master-tiler is seen by such criteria:

– a responsibility;
– your tool;
– accuracy;
– availability of recommendations
– work samples

It is no accident that the tiler was, is and will remain one of the most prestigious professions in the construction business. Virtually no repairs can not do without such a procedure as laying tiles.

Want to laying tiles in Kiev was qualitative, then do not take risks, looking for a specialist “blindly”, do not overpay for the services of construction companies. It is better to contact a proven master with recommendations and work samples. When there are large amounts of work, it is better to approve the estimate or conclude a contract with the master.