Cosmetic repair of apartments, redecorating

Cosmetic repair of apartments in Kiev, or it is also called Partial repair – it is the same type of repair on separate premises, room, namely the bathroom repair, toilet, kitchen, renovated bedroom, a living room, a partial repair of warehouses, garages, etc.



It is not always necessary to repair the apartment. It is possible that you are not satisfied with the situation in only one room. Or you are planning gradually to repair the apartment. Our guys will perform a repair room, renovated kitchen and bathroom as a whole with complete replacement of all communications and equipment.

We work in a clean and leave behind a perfect order. After the repair of apartments we clean the room of construction waste. Whatever work we do not fulfill our masters provide the customer the finished result – redecorating.

Our work many satisfied customers who are on the completion of the work written us your feedback about the repair of apartments and are ready to show our work samples if necessary.

In order to repair apartments while there were no misunderstandings and disagreements, we always maintain an active relationship with the customer, you can always control the entire process from start to repair and completion, if desired, we can consulting.

Cosmetic repair of apartments, as an easy way to update the apartment

Our favorite city – Kiev, has long gone beyond its borders. And it is not surprising that around the tower of Kiev many different buildings that need renovation of apartments. According to the most current directory LUN.UA buildings in Kiev and the region has more than 500 developers, where you can easily select and buy an apartment in new building. In this regard, we have expanded our staff and are now able to carry out the repair of apartments in new buildings, not only in Kiev but also in suburban area.

The most in demand repair of apartments in new buildings in the Kiev region in such localities as cherry, Irpin, Bucha, Vasilkov, and it’s not all areas requiring apartment repairs, but for now we are working only in those localities where we have enough available resources and features.

Cosmetic repair of apartments in Kiev does not require too complex design, and he is quite capable of all owners of apartments. However, how to determine whether you really fit the final decision? Very simple! To do this, there is a science, as the interior design apartments. This is not just an outline in pencil on a scrap of paper. A team of builders can offer design repairs apartments in Kiev, including with the help of 3D-visualization. Our customers see results with my own eyes even before the purchase of the material will be carried out. We use the best practices of repair of apartments in the capital and tried to always adhere to the style.

We recommend to order our service the cosmetic repair of apartments and get a really good repair with positive impressions.
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