Capital renovation of apartments, repair in new building

Capital renovation of apartments and repairs in a new building and their price are perhaps the most important questions in the life of each person, who has acquired a new home.

In this rubric “Capital Repair of apartments” you can find the detailed information about full process of repair some apartaments. Tips for better performance of repair and construction works and basic principles of capital repair of the apartment.

Capital repairs of apartments  from our “Brigade Builders
is a professional and quality repair of your house.

Even if there is one of the expensive repair of apartments, it should be carried out with good finishing. Because everything will be displayed on the reputation.

We are a professional masters company with best experience and practical skills in the repair of apartments or any other premises. Our guys are repairing apartments in Kyiv for a long time, and they guarantee a good quality and a good result.

Капітальний ремонт квартири Київ ціна

Our work is spoken by our customers!

We have been renovating apartments for 7 years, always making the things according the wishes, requirements and financial capabilities of our customer. After the approval of the esthings, we agree on the repair of the premises, the term of implementation, and we immediately are going to work. Our completed objects you can see in our gallery.

Our main direction is the complex repair of apartments in new buildings and apartments studios. We repair apartments in residential houses too. Our prices are focused on the category of people with middle income level, which can afford to do a full-fledged repair.

In our practice we successfully work with foreign customers, who purchased an apartment in a new building in Kyiv. We can communicate in the client’s language – Ukrainian, Russian, English, German.

Our specialists carry out all kinds of finishing the walls. With the all construction works of the apartment, if it is a new home or renovation old house you get 10% discount. The main types of work for finishing the apartments we фку цкшештп in the list of repair. We take care of the whole cycle of repairing an apartment and bring the repair to the logical end, and then we give you the keys of the fresh renovated apartment.

Complex repair of apartments, capital renovation in new building.

Repair and finishing works are always carried out in the complex. There is no sense in plastering the walls, if the electrical installation work in the room is not properly performed. Why you have to do one and the same job two or more times, especially pay for it?

Therefore, if you need a really Capital renovation of apartments we use our service or our advices.

The art of repair of apartments and their main categories in Ukraine in Kyiv in 2018 year :

  • ECONOM  from 800 uah / sq. m.
  • STANDARD from 1200 uah / sq. m.
  • COMFORT from 1500 uah / sq. m.
  • LUX from 2000 uah / sq. m.

    Materials are chosen by the customer!

You make an application for repair of your apartment. Our master are going to you. It captures all your wishes, ideas and needs, finds out what result you are striving for, and helps to determine the stages and front of the work. On the basis of the received data we compile an estimate, the price for repair of apartments, which indicates: a list of works, their prices and the number of necessary building materials.

Capital renovation of apartments in new buildings has become more accessible!

We carry out repair of apartments in new buildings. Repair of apartments is going in old houses from the beginning to the end. This means that you do not have to worry about where to find the materials.

And where to find the masters and for the work . Where to get the tools for work and when all this will be finally done. We will do everything for you because it is our job.

Also we are taking on the purchase of materials, in the reporting value (check). We set the schedule of work and the deadline for completing the renovation of the apartment. We strictly adhere to it.

Payment for work is carried out in stages – only for the completed work. For the repair of apartments prices we set in according with our price list.